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APRIL 1, 2009
19:30 21:30 Welcome Reception
APRIL 2, 2009
8:30 9:30 Registration
9:30 10:00

Welcome and Opening Address
Boris Ayuev, CEO of SO UPS, Russia
Valentin Mezhevich, First Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Natural Monopolies, Council of the Federation, Russia
Representative of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation (TBD)
Konstantin Staschus, European Network of Transmission System Operators Electricity (ENTSO-E)
Oleg Barkin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board on Markets Development, NP Market Council

10:00 10:20 Feasibility Study of the Synchronous Interconnection a New Step towards the Pan-European Electricity Market
Sergey Kouzmin
, SO UPS, Russia
10:20 10:40 The UCTE-IPS/UPS Feasibility Study: Findings and Results
Matthias Luther, E.ON Netz, Germany
10:40 11:00

Establishment of ENTSO-E and its Activities
Konstantin Staschus, European Network of Transmission System Operators Electricity (ENTSO-E)

11:00 11:30 Press Conference
Coffee Break
11:30 11:50 Steady State Load Flow Analysis of the UCTE IPS/UPS Interconnection: Methodology, model, results
Andrey Vinogradov, High Voltage Direct Current Power Transmission Research Institute (NIIPT), Russia
11:50 12:00 Wide Area Measurement System in IPS/UPS
Yury Kulikov, SO UPS, Russia
12:10 12:30 Dynamic Models of the IPS/UPS UCTE Interconnection: Development, verification and validation
Andrey Gerasimov
, NIIPT, Russia
12:30 12:50 Transients Analysis in the IPS/UPS UCTE Interconnection
Valentin Gerikh, INTER RAO UES, Russia
13:00 14:30 Lunch
14:30 14:50 Low Frequency Oscillations in the IPS/UPS UCTE Interconnection
Arkadiy Esipovich, NIIPT, Russia
14:50 15:10 Power and Frequency Control: Methodology, models and results
Alexander Mashanskij
, Alexander Andreev, Power Systems Institute, Russia
15:10 15:30 Current situation and development perspectives of the IPS of Ukraine
Dmytro Olefir, Vyacheslav Salimon, NPC UKRENERGO, Ukraine
15:30 15:50 Organization of the IPS/UPS UCTE System Operators Interaction under Conditions of Synchronous Operation
Alexander Ilienko
, SO UPS, Russia
15:50 16:20 Coffee Break
16:20 16:40 Legal Aspects Related to the Interconnection of Systems like UCTE and IPS/UPS: the "kiss" method
Pierre Bernard
, Elia Group, Belgium
16:40 17:00 System Coupling by HVDC Technology Mid-term Perspective of the Common European Market Platform Development
Lev Koshcheev, NIIPT, Russia
17:00 17:20 Certain Aspects of Synchronous Operation of IPS/UPS
Nikolay Stepanov, INTER RAO UES, Russia
17:20 17:40 Questions and discussion
17:40 17:50 Closing statement. Wrap up and conclusions
19:00 22:00 Official Dinner