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Secretary General Elia Group, the Belgian electricity transmission system operator, Belgium

Mr. Bernard is in charge of European Development. He heads namely the Elia team involved in setting up a regional electricity market for the countries of Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Germany and The Netherlands. He actively participated in the drafting of important parts of the Belgian electricity legislation and regulation as well as the different grid related contracts. He played a key role in drafting the specific legislation and contracts for the Belgian Power Exchange - Belpex. Mr. Bernard heads the lawyers of ETSO and UCTE, the two main European associations of transmission operators, soon to be merged in the new “ENTSO-E”. Mr. Bernard is a Trustee of the Belgian Governance Institute, Guberna. He is a regular lecturer on energy law at international conferences and various universities.

Mr. Bernard was heading the working group 5 “Legal Issues” of the project “Feasibility study: Synchronous Interconnection of IPS/UPS with UCTE” on the UCTE side.