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Deputy Head, Experimental and Research Centre “Electrodynamics”, High Voltage Direct Current Power Transmission Research Institute (NIIPT), Russia

1977 – Master of Science in Electrical Engineering of Power Systems and Networks, Leningrad Polytechnic Institute; 1986 – PhD (Technical Sciences). In 1993 Dr. Esipovich was awarded Associate Professor Degree in Electrical Engineering. He is an individual member of International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE).

Dr. Esipovich joined NIIPT in 1976. He is an expert in the field of research and analysis of electrical regimes, stability and survivability of power systems, and automatic excitation control of generators. Since January 2009 – Deputy Head of Experimental and Research Centre “Electrodynamics” and Head of laboratory of physical modeling of power systems and control systems tests. Dr. Esipovich has published over 70 scientific articles including those in co-authorship. He is an author of 11 inventions.

Dr. Esipovich was a member of Working Group 2 “System Dynamics” of the project “Feasibility study: Synchronous Interconnection of the IPS/UPS with the UCTE”.